How to Choose The Best Water Bottle

Water bottle is an everyday item for any type of activity. You'll only need several minutes to choose the right one for you. In this article you can read some details you should pay attention to when buying water bottle.

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Water Bottle

Water bottle is a must-have item for anyone going outdoors. Choosing the right one is a very simple task. Read more about the details you should know before purchasing your favorite bottle.


First of all, you should decide what amount of water you need to carry. This depends on the type of activity you're preparing for. For example, it's recommended to get a 16-24oz bottle for running and cycling, but you'll need more than 32oz for backpacking, trekking and hiking in the winderness.


Next step is to decide on material. Most of the bottles are made either of plastic or aluminum. Aluminum bottles usually have insulated double walls which makes it possible to store cold or hot waters for longer a time. Plastic bottles are mostly used to carry normal temperature water for hydration.


Cheap water bottles are usualy made of plastic that contains dangerous chemicals. They change the taste of water and can be really bad for health. The most widely used chemicals are BPA (Bisphenol A) and also BPS (Bisphenol S) which is often used to replace BPA. Make sure the product you're going to purchase is free from BPA related chemicals. Pay attention to BPA/BPS Free badge.


Finding your bottle totally empty is the last thing you want to see when you're hiking in the hot sunny weather. Make sure your bottle is heavy-duty and super durable to avoid inconveniences in the outdoors.

Aluminum bottles are generally more durable. They can easily dent if you accidentally drop it on the rocks, but breaking the bottle is less probable.

Plastic bottles are popular because of their small weight. They are less durable than aluminum counterparts, but there are some exceptions like Nalgene bottles. This iconic bottle is popular for being light and extremely durable at the same time. According to a test, you have to throw Nalgene bottle form the third floor to break it.


You can put cold water in any type of bottle, but you can't do the same for boiling hot water. If you enjoy drinking hot coffee or tea in the evening after long hike, you'll probably need to have hot water with you. Most of aluminum bottles are sutable. Ones with insulated double walls (tumblers) contain temperature for a longer time.

Tumblers are also perfect for storing cold water. Bringing icy cold water with you when backpacking in summer is a very good idea.


The usability of the bottle is determined by several basic features.

  • Size - How does the bottle fit into a backpack and how comfortable is it to carry.
  • Cap - How easy you can use the bottle using only one hand.
  • Attaching - If the botlle has a carabineer or any other tool for attaching to your backpack.

There are many other features and things you can pay attention to, but most of them are up to your personal preference.

Best Water Bottles

Nalgene 32oz water bottle
Nalgene Wide Mouth

The most popular bottle for various activities. Does not contain dangerous chemicals and does not change the taste of water.

Hydro Flask insulated water bottle
Hydro Flask Wide

Insulated aluminum bottle. Keeps cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6 hours. Perfect for outdoor adventures on all seasons.

CamelBak Chute water bottle
CamelBak Chute

Durable and comfortable to carry. Angled spout makes it possible be drink without spilling while walking. Half Turn Cap gives you easy access to your water.

LifeStraw Go water bottle with integrated filter
LifeStraw Go

Water bottle with integrated filter and a carabineer for attaching to your backpack. You can fill up the bottle in river and sip filtered water through the mouthpiece.