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Rock iT Fest is Back!

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The Rock iT Fest 2018 will take place at The Botanical Garden of Tbilisi on 10th of June 2018. The festival will include competitions in rock climbing, bouldering, slackline. You'll have a change to try Acro-yoga and much more.

The Pinkbike Evolution Contest with $20 000 in Prizes

· 2 minutes read

Pinkbike Evolution Contest is a contest by GoPro and Pinkbike for bike riders and adrenaline junkies. Contest is split in 3 parts with total of $20 000 in prizes. And good news - anyone can enter!

The New 2018 GoPro Hero Is Two Times Cheaper

· 2 minutes read

GoPro just released a renewed model Hero (2018). Unlike Hero 5 and Hero 6, the new model doesn't have 4K resolution nor high FPS, but its price definitely balances that out. Hero 2018 is particularly designed for beginners.

Hiking For Beginners - What Do I Need?

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Skis or Snowboard?

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How To Avoid and Survive an Avalanche

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Everything About Ski Resorts in Georgia 2017/2018

· 5 minutes read

What's new at winter resorts in Georgia. Ski lift ticket prices, accommodations in gudauri, guest houses in Svaneti. You can get all the information you will need about ski resorts in Georgia.

Black Friday 2017 Best Deals and Sales

· 4 minutes read

There are lots of discounted equipement and outdoor gear on Black Friday. Choosing equipment we want is very hard because the list of deals and offers is endless. We offer the shortlist of best deals and discounts hand-picked just for you.

What is Highline

· 1 minute read

Highline, Slackline, Trickline, Waterline, Urbanline. What is necessarry to learn how to walk on highline and what effort should you put into it. This video will explain.

All About Waterproofing

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How to Choose a Perfect Campsite

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How to Cross a River

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