The New 2018 GoPro Hero Is Two Times Cheaper

GoPro just released a renewed model Hero (2018). Unlike Hero 5 and Hero 6, the new model doesn't have 4K resolution nor high FPS, but its price definitely balances that out. Hero 2018 is particularly designed for beginners.

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New GoPro Hero (2018)
Entry-Level Camera at Affordable Price

Several days ago GoPro released a new model Hero. It is perfect for beginners and amateurs. If you’ve never had an action camera before, GoPro Hero is the perfect beginning.

It can shoot 1440p and 1080p videos at 60 frames per second. That is more than enough for most users.

* - Pricing is taken from the official GoPro website. Prices on Amazon.com might be lower.

Unlike Hero 5 and Hero 6, the new model doesn't have 4K resolution and nor does it stand out with high FPS, but this is all due to very low price. Seriosuly, 4K might be an overkill. We all know we're never gonna sort or delete all those videos we shoot.

GoPro Cameras Compared

Hero (2018) Hero 5 Black Hero 6 Black
Video 1080p and 1440p / 60 FPS 4K / 30 FPS 4K / 60 FPS
Photo 10MP / 10 FPS 12MP / 30 FPS 12MP / 30 FPS
Touch Display Yes Yes Yes
Voice Control Yes Yes Yes
Video Stabilization Yes Yes Yes (Advanced)
Karma Drone Compatible No Yes Yes
GP1 Chip No No Yes
HDR Photo No No Yes
Exposure Control No Yes Yes
ProTune™ No Yes Yes
GPS No Yes Yes

GoPro Session?

GoPro Session

GoPro Hero replaced the GoPro 5 Session.

It's no longer available on the official website, but you can still buy GoPro 5 Session online.

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